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New Books
The eulogist : a novel
The power : a novel
No sunscreen for the dead
Restoration heights : a novel
You : a novel
Rupture : an Ari Thor thriller
The rule of law : a novel
Golden State
Unmarriageable : a novel
Crucible : a thriller
Ghost wall
In dog we trust
Sugar run : a novel
Bear no malice
Mortals & immortals of Greek mythology
Brawl of the wild
Kate in Oz
Vee is for Valentine
Christmas with Kate & Mim-Mim
Kate and the Mitty Kats
Happy birthday, Kate and Mim-Mim!
Daniel meets the new neighbors
About bugs = Acerca de los insectos
A human at the hotel
Logan the puppy
DC Comics: Bombshells. Volume 3, Uprising
Midnighter and Apollo
America : fast and fuertona
DC Comics: Bombshells. Volume 2, Allies
The altered history of Willow Sparks