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New Books
Mademoiselle Revolution
Dirtbag, Massachusetts : a confessional
Elizabeth Finch : a novel
Stories from the tenants downstairs
Biscuit and the great fall day
The housekeeper : a novel
The blame game
Overkill : a novel
All good people here : a novel
The last housewife : a novel
Cat brushing : and other stories
The challenge : a novel
Touch : a novel
These fleeting shadows
The drowned woods
Tracking the diplodocus
Surely surely Marisol Rainey
Keepunumuk : WeeAachumun
Giant Island
The wolves and moose of Isle Royale : restoring an island ecosystem
Haven : a small cat
Whale song on Puffin Cliff
The many daughters of Afong Moy : a novel
A map for the missing : a novel
The deal goes down
Bronze drum
Sister friends forever : a novel
Heat 2 : a novel
Mr. Perfect on paper : a novel
The monsters we defy
The family remains : a novel
Stay awake
I remember you : a thriller
Long gone : a novel
Ben and Beatriz
The more you give
Baby shower