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New Books
Out of the corner : a memoir
Bloom of the flower dragon
Country Born
Summer love : a novel
City on fire : a novel
Aunt Dimity and the enchanted cottage
The Homewreckers : a novel
The lioness
The Baxters : a prequel
Blood sugar
The children on the hill
Book of night
Book Lovers
When she dreams
22 seconds
Little souls
The good left undone : a novel
The wrong victim
Pig makes art
Race for first place
A gift for Nana
Murder gone cold ; & Crossfire
Bug Scouts. 1, Out in the wild : a graphic novel
The Walnut Creek wish
Beautiful : a novel
Death of the black widow
Kingdom of bones : a thriller
The sweet goodbye
Dream town
Part of your world
Princess Charming
Dinosaurs in the wild!
Welcome to the Creature Café
The great biscuit bake-off
Aunt Ivy